An Agent you can Believe in




Who is the Mighty Realtor?

My name is Mariam Noujaim and I have been a Real Estate broker since 1987. I understand the real estate market in Sacramento better than most other brokers. Through out the years, I take pride in the fact that I have helped hundreds of family buy their dream home that otherwise they thought was impossible other because of financing challenges or locating the right property for them.

The Mighty Realtor to the rescue?

There are many steps involved in buying a house. 

  1- Locating the right property
   2- Negotiating the sale price on behalf of the buyer
   3- Choosing the right escrow company to process the transaction
   4- Applying and negotiating the best loan interest rate and terms on behalf of the buyer

As a Real estate broker and a mortgage lender, I will handle your transaction from A to Z. as a buyer, you will not have multiple agents handling your transaction, which can lead to additional frustrations and disappointments. I will handle your transaction from the moment we shake hands to the moment I turn over the house keys to you.

Why should you do business with the Mighty Realtor?

There are many reasons why you should do business with the Mighty Realtor:
   1-As an independent broker, do not have to meet any sales quotas to meet a brokerage firm goals. I only answer to you the customer.
   2- As an independent broker, my overhead cost is extremely low, which give me the advantage to pass on the savings directly to you.
   3- As a mortgage lender, I can shop the best interest rate and terms for you. I have access to hundreds of lenders through I can find the loan that best fits your needs and budget.
   4- My objective is not to be the biggest, ONLY the best at what I do.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When other people make promises, I deliver. Integrity is my most coveted attribute. 

I always deliver what I promise and I promise what I deliver.